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Happier Home Glossary

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Happier Space = a happier you.

Organizing Engineer - a professional organizer who designs spaces that are space-efficient, convenient, and simple to maintain in an intentional, methodical way.

Organize - to design and execute a clean, well-thought-out space to house all of your items.

Simplify - to make items easier to find and put away in a space.

Elevate - to make a space more uniform and aesthetically pleasing that is already organized. For example, investing in higher-end organizational bins after an initial organization and decluttering service.

Quick Retrieval - a space that is organized in a way so that items are easy and quick to find and pull out.

Quick Put Away - a space that is organized in a way so that items are quick and easy to clean and stow away after use.

Decant - to move items from their original packaging into a more visually appealing or space-efficient container.

“Tidy As You Go” - a method to keep your space clean after a professional service that includes actively looking for items out of place as you move through your space.

The One Touch Rule - if you pick an item up, put it into its correct place, rather than setting it down, and then picking it back up to put it away later.

Folding Techniques: File Folding vs. Roll Folding

File Folding - stacking items vertically (like a filing cabinet!), such as clothes or kitchen towels, so that they are easy to view and retrieve.

Roll Folding - rolling items, such as clothes, to save space in smaller storage zones.

Kitchen Zones - areas within a kitchen that are specifically used for certain activities, such as making coffee, preparing food, or containing items for kids.

Tidying vs. Organizing

Tidying - quickly putting things away in their designated space after an activity.

Organizing - cleaning a space and intentionally creating designated places for items that are efficient and easy to maintain.

Declutter - to remove unneeded and unused items from a space.

Removing The Packaging - an often overlooked step, removing the store packaging from newly purchased items not only makes a space much more visually appealing, but it makes retrieving the items easier and faster.

Calm The Space - using tips and tricks to create a clean, tidy space that promotes mental clarity and emotional harmony.

Piggybacking - also referred to as habit stacking, piggybacking is a method to build new good habits by attaching a new target strategy to an established, “trigger” habit. For example, organize groceries and stack cans every time you are on the phone.

Maintenance - dedicating time and effort to keeping your space clean and organized after an initial organization session.

Once And Done - a job that only requires a one-time commitment to clean and organize a space. Unpopular opinion: organization and keeping a space happy requires maintenance and consistency. Unfortunately, we don't see a lot of once-and-done projects!

Upcycle - to repurpose and reuse an item in a way that increases its value or practicality.

Custom Label - a label that is designed and created specifically for your space and your needs.

Lived-in Space - a home that is organized and clean, yet still approachable, comfortable, and reflects your lifestyle. Negative Space - space that is intentionally left clear to allow the brain and eyes an opportunity to rest.

Decision Fatigue - the inability to continue making fast, effective decisions coupled with a feeling of confusion or anxiety once overwhelmed with too many options or too many prior decisions.

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