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Tips for a Happier Home & Life

1. Tidy as you go! Never leave a room without peeking around to see if there is something you can pick up and take to the room you are traveling to.

2. Break down your boxes! Amazon delivery boxes and other large boxes will make your space feel cluttered. Flatten and recycle all boxes right away.

3. “On Sale” doesn’t mean you should buy it! Think twice about what you buy and bring into your home. Ask yourself, "Do I need it? Do I love it? Will I use it?"

4. Bulk purchases are not always the best choice. I know retail warehouse clubs like Sam’s and Costco have great prices, but if your laundry room doesn’t have room for 20 paper towel rolls, such a purchase will make your space feel crowded and cluttered.

5. Sort and manage your mail frequently. I recommend doing this task standing up since it's an active task and will make walking to the recycle bin, mailbox, or file cabinet easy.

6. Practice the One In, One (Two) Out rule. This is helpful if your home is feeling overwhelmed with items. This rule will reduce what is in your house little by little.

7. Give the gift of experiences, rather than things. Experience gifts create memories, are fun, and don’t require dusting.

8. Keep a basket or bag to collect donations in a convenient location. Donate what you don’t love, like, wear, or use. If you have multiples of an item, keep the one you like best and donate the rest.

9. Remove the packaging. For example, removing the plastic from toilet paper packages or taking protein bars out of the box does wonders for calming a space. Decanting something like oatmeal into a clear canister is also helpful.

10. Say "thank you!" Complimenting family members for pitching in and helping maintain a tidy home goes a long way. For example: “Thanks for hanging up your coat and putting your school supplies away. It means a lot and I appreciate your help!”

11. Make your bed every morning! This task sets the tone for your day, gives you a sense of accomplishment, lowers stress, leads to other good habits, and creates a relaxing space.

12. Buy right or buy twice. Invest in high-quality items. Often the cost per use is less, even if the initial purchase is more expensive. Example: $25 sweater (25 wears) = $1 per wear verses $50 sweater (100 wears) = $.50 per wear

13. Get outside often! Fresh air and nature do wonders for creating a happier mindset!

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