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What It's Like To Work With Me

Hi, I’m Athena, professional organizer and founder of Happier Space! A happier space means a happier life, and I am here to organize, simplify, and elevate your home and lifestyle.

Born in Pennsylvania, I’ve lived in 6 different states, visited 17 national parks, and beat cancer twice. I have two wonderful and talented daughters with my husband Greg, who’ve I’ve been married to for over 36 years. I’m proud to call Richmond my home for over 26 years. A graduate of West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers!), I have a degree in industrial engineering and 5 years of industry experience under my belt.

Because of my professional background, I apply a unique perspective to home organization. Organizing spaces is all about efficiency, innovation, and simplicity. I’m lucky to be able to implement my technical training and engineering know-how to design well thought-out, strategically organized spaces so my clients can breathe easier and live happier. My experience managing wide-scale, industrial production has given me the insight to know exactly what your space needs, how to get it there, and how to teach you to keep it that way.

My favorite moment of a job is seeing the smile and the relief on a client’s face when I’ve finished my work. Home organization is a labor of love, and I work for the satisfaction of knowing I am leaving a space its owner can finally feel comfortable in. It’s more than just about the things, it’s about the stories behind them. Whether you are moving into a new home or cleansing a space you’ve been living in for a while, you are starting a new, brighter chapter of life and your space should reflect that.

Belongings have emotions and memories attached to them, and sometimes things can feel too overwhelming to tackle alone. That’s where I come in. By designing and organizing spaces in a thoughtful, efficient way, I give my clients the room and time to get back to living. My services can be the difference between another night of take-out or your first fresh, home-cooked meal in a new house.

Never starting from a place of judgement, I meet my clients where they are. Whatever your story is, I am here to support you and to make sure your space does, too. And while every home and every personality is different, some things stay true across all of the projects I’ve seen. If a space looks and feels good, so do its owners. When you have a handle on your things and on your space, you have a handle on your thoughts and your life. A clean, organized home empowers you to make smarter, healthier choices and lead a happier life.

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