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Welcome to Happier Space! As a home organizer and moving concierge, I give clients the gift of time by providing home and office organization services in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Having worked with a range of clients such as homeowners, executives, and entrepreneurs, I have developed and implement systems based on each individual's need for a smooth and seamless experience. 
So, whether you are a busy parent or professional who wants a more orderly home, a teacher needing help to set up a classroom, or a family getting re-situated after a home renovation or move, I will work with your budget and personal style to make your space calm, functional, and organized!  

Contact me today to schedule your no-obligation office or home organization consultation, and let's get started working together!  


1. As your professional organizer, I apply hands-on experiences gained over many years in business and in running my own busy home.
2. As a former Industrial Engineer, I have a unique perspective and training on how to improve processes, devise efficient systems, and improve product flow. Whether I am organizing a complete home, a room, an office, or acting as your moving concierge, I use these concepts in every job. 
3. Organization and education go hand and hand. At the conclusion of each organization service, we will walk through the system and process changes that have been made. Knowing how to use your newly organized space is an important step to obtain lasting results and maintain your “Happier Space.”


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What Clients Are Saying About Happier Space

Happier Space did an amazing job at helping me organize and get my kitchen setup after a kitchen remodel. Athena's knowledge is invaluable as she is detail oriented and works to make sure the space is organized based on your lifestyle and work-flow. We are loving our new organized kitchen. Brittany, Eating Bird Food

 Working with Athena @happierspacerva was a great experience and a learning curve for both of us. I live in Charleston, SC, so having someone who is two states away assist me in making my space more enjoyable to be in was priceless to me. Especially now when we are all house-bound, it’s important for our spaces to be functional and peaceful! Talking to her on the phone was very helpful, and she had ample feedback, as well as listened to me and supported my goals of someday turning my playroom into a homeschool environment. I appreciated her suggestions and her ability to change her advice based on what did and didn’t work. Diving into this project has definitely fueled a desire to organize more spaces in my home to make more functional. I’m very happy with the outcome and highly recommend working with Athena!  Dina

I had been teaching in the same location for 19 years, and I had 25 years of “stuff”.  I was starting over at a new school, and I was stressed about getting my room set up, learning the routines, learning about my new teammates, learning about my students, and writing new lesson plans.  Athena at Happier Space totally eliminated my concern about getting my room set up.  Because of Athena, I could focus on the children that I would be teaching.  My room was professionally completed in a very organized fashion. Many other teachers and faculty members have visited my room and return because it feels “happy” (to quote a supervisor). “It looks so great,” from other teachers.  “It looks soooooooo different” from students who had seen and/or been in the classroom before.  Lisa, Middle School Music Teacher

Words can’t express how grateful we are that we hired Happier Space to turn our cluttered and disorganized storage closet into a neatly organized and functional space!  Athena, professional organizer and founder of Happier Space, is amazing in all respects! She is an efficient master of repurposing, purging, consolidating, organizing AND patience.  Our closet was in such disarray and so crowded that it was hard to know exactly what we had in there. This often led to us buying things we didn’t need, adding to the clutter. Because we weren’t using the space that we had efficiently, we had platters stacked, tablecloths that were all mixed up.  This caused frustration and stress when trying to find the correct tablecloth size and platters got broken or chipped as they were being retrieved from a large stack! We purged so much it was incredible. The before and after pictures say it all. If only we had done this sooner, but we were afraid of the cost to our non-profit organization.  Fortunately, through her repurposing and organizational skills, Athena was able to use the bins, tubs and shelving that we had in place. The difference is they were set up for optimal functionality. Working with Athena was wonderful, easy and relaxed. She is thoughtful, kind, methodical and very motivated and becomes an invested friend that gives it her all rather than just a hired professional.  This was exactly what we needed as we kept dragging our feet, not knowing where to turn. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with exactly what we needed. It is such a pleasure now to go into this room because we know exactly what is in there and where to find it. We recommend Happier Space to anyone seeking to make better use of their existing spaces.  Barbara

Each September has always been the same.  Teacher Work Week arrives and there are many housekeeping chores to do in the classroom.  I’ve grown my classroom library to the point that organizing the books had become overwhelming for me.  I couldn’t address the area before the first day of school.  By then, I thought it was hopeless. ☹️ Enter Happier Space RVA!  😊 Athena gathered input from me regarding the number of books and amount of storage space. She was able to utilize containers I had collected over the years.  She worked in the space after school for a couple of days, as I worked on other teacher duties.  As I watched the space transforming, my stress level decreased little by little.  When she was finished, Athena and I stood back to look at the colorful, inviting class library that was ready for my students!  I was so relieved that she was able to take my mountain of clear book bins and turn it into a useable resource for my students.  That was in October! The kids have been able to find and return books to the correct bins and love sitting and reading together in their very own library space.  Happier Space RVA is still working in our classroom two months later! If you are looking for a happier space where you live or work, I highly recommend Happier Space RVA! First Grade Teacher