Happier Space Services


On-Site Organizing
Organize: closets, pantries, kitchens, craft rooms, offices, playrooms, bedrooms, storage units, garages. basements and more
Simplify: help navigate a move, unpack a home or office after a move or relocation, guide through life transitions (such as new baby, school age, empty nest and boomerang phases)
Elevate: take an existing space, home or system and make better, rethink and evaluate how to make a space happier yet
If an additional organizer is needed, rate is $110 per hour.

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Virtual Organizing 




Perfect for if you just need a little motivation to get started and want an outside perspective of your situation. 

Includes​ two 30-minute OR one 1-hour FaceTime chat(s) to discuss the space that needs attention. After our first conversation, I will develop a customized plan for you to implement.

Two weeks later, we will have a follow up conversation to celebrate your Happier Space and tie up any loose ends.

I will be your personal cheerleader along the way! 

If you are local, I would love to meet in person. We could meet at a local RVA coffee shop (coffee on me) and discuss your organizational needs.  


Consultation & Shopping for Products 

15 Minute Phone Consultation - Complimentary

On-Site Space Consultation - $60 
Shopping for Products - $60 Cost of products used will be passed along to you. 



Happier Move 

ON-SITE SERVICE (Residential and Commercial)

Before You MoveBefore moving is the perfect time to sort and get rid of items that you don’t need or love. Moving or storing unneeded items is an added expense that you can avoid.  A professional organizer can work with you while making editing decisions to make this task easier.

Packing Prep - Happier Space can help label boxes and plan which boxes need to be accessible first.  We can also oversee packers if you are not able to be around the day they are scheduled to do their work. 

Moving Day - Moving day can be mentally overwhelming. Having an extra set of eyes and hands to direct boxes and furniture, get snacks for anyone that needs a little extra fuel, and be a contact person to handle questions from movers and ensure your moving concerns are addressed.

Unpacking and Organizing - The sooner you get unpacked and settled into your new home, the Happier you will be!  Let Happier Space help you unpack your kitchen, set up your beds, linen closets, bedroom closets, organize your bathrooms, and more.  While the professional movers remain responsible for the heavy lifting, Happier Space will take care of the more tedious aspects of setting up a new home. 

After the Move - Once you are in your home, Happier Space can come back to discuss how your space is working.  Suggestions can be made to make sure your home is operating as smoothly as possible, and we can also schedule regular “touch up” sessions to keep your space neatly organized.